TN Legislators Visit Oak Ridge National Laboratory

TN Reps with TN-SCORE students

State Representatives Coley, DeBerry, and Sanderson with TN-SCORE student researchers from UTK

Tennessee State Representatives Jim Coley (R-Bartlett), John DeBerry, Jr. (D-Memphis), and Bill Sanderson (R-Kenton) visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory yesterday to learn more about the unique partnership between the University, the Lab, and state and federal governments.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed and operated by UT through UT-Battelle with substantial support from the State of Tennessee. The University’s venture with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) yields world-leading expertise in the areas of high-performance computing, materials research, and nanotechnology. Together, the University and Lab are making major strides in science and economic development.

ORNL is the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest multiprogram science and energy laboratory, with scientific and technical capabilities spanning from basic to applied research.

We thank Representatives Coley, DeBerry, and Sanderson for spending the day at the Lab and on the UTK campus, learning more about UT’s statewide research enterprise and its impact on Tennesseans and their future.

2014 Legislative Outcomes

The 108th General Assembly of Tennessee wrapped up its 2014 business last week despite significant controversy and tension over taxes, budgets, and education.  As in years past, the legislature produced just under 3,000 bills for consideration and an additional 2,499 resolutions.  Due to the sheer scope of the University of Tennessee System, over 600 bills were tracked with either direct or indirect impacts.

So, where does that leave us for 2014?  A summary of legislative outcomes, created for UT Advocates, is below.