Guns in Cars

Category: Gun Legislation

Legislation introduced by Sen. Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill) to require all employers – public and private – to allow employees to store firearms in personal vehicles at their workplace is scheduled to be before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. SB 3002 would arguably go as far to include employees of K-12 schools, and colleges and universities. UT and Tennessee Board of Regents remain opposed to any change in current law easing restrictions on firearms on campuses. Both Systems believe that current law provides necessary exemptions for law enforcement, active military, ROTC and select others to possess firearms on campuses. The House companion, HB 3560, is carried by Rep. Eddie Bass (D-Prospect) awaits scheduling in the House Consumer and Employee Affairs Committee.

This item is from the Feb. 10, 2012 UT State Relations Friday Brief, which can be viewed here: