Gun Bills Make Debut in Senate Committees

Category: Gun Legislation

Nashville – Tuesday, two bills authored by the National Rifle Association and sponsored by Senator Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill) made their debut before two Senate Committees.

In the Senate Judiciary Committee, SB3002 would prevent any employer – public or private – from prohibiting an employee from storing a firearm in their vehicle while on the employer’s property.

In the Senate Commerce Committee, SB2992 would prevent a potential employer from not hiring an employee on the basis that the prospective employee would store or possess a firearm on the employer’s property. The business lobby is opposed to both bills on grounds they violate private property rights. Others including public and private colleges, hospitals and law enforcement oppose the measure on workplace safety ground.

Witnesses from the NRA and Tennessee Firearms Association testified on each bill before the respective committees. Some committee members appeared genuinely concerned about the proposals’ possible overriding of private property rights and questioned the NRA witness about the measures’ intent. Opponents of the bills will testify before a final vote is taken on March 6th. The NRA is also targeting other states with similar legislation including guns on college campuses in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.