Legislators Conclude 107th Assembly

Category: State Issues

On Tuesday evening, members of the Tennessee General Assembly adjourned Sine Die ending the 107th Assembly of the Tennessee Legislature.

Legislators will now focus their efforts on political fundraising, campaigning and getting to know newly drawn districts.

This Session saw a number of benefits for public higher education: the first new capital projects in more than three years; greater flexibility in conducting videoconferences and executive searches; and improved funding projections for the Lottery Scholarship program.

Higher education, the business community and law enforcement groups were very pleased that legislation authored and lobbied heavily by the National Rifle Association and the Tennessee Firearms Association was avoided. The legislation would have allowed employees to store firearms in vehicles at their workplaces, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Due to a number of instances of workplace violence at schools and colleges throughout the nation in recent years, Tennessee public and private higher education joined a coalition of business interests and law enforcement to help defeat the proposal.

More information on various policy issues that occurred during the Session with be in the May 4 “End of Session Friday Brief.”

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