NRA Lays Pressure on TN GOP to Pass Guns-In-Parking-Lots

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The National Rifle Association has issued a guns survey to candidates running for election to the Tennessee General Assembly. Not surprisingly, included in the survey are questions surrounding the guns-in-parking-lots legislation.

One of those questions bluntly asks, “As a legislator, would you follow the demands of party leadership even if they run contrary to the NRA’s legislative agenda?”

“The NRA survey is a challenge to Republican legislative leaders and Republican Gov. Bill Haslam, who said the NRA’s legislation went too far,” the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports.  “The NRA-backed bill, as amended, sought to block public and private employers’ ability to bar workers, customers and most visitors from keeping firearms in locked vehicles on company property, provided the weapons are stored out of sight.”

The legislation is strongly opposed by higher education leaders, numerous corporations, businesses, private property advocates, and law enforcement officials.

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