THEC 2012 Lottery Report

The 2012 Lottery Scholarship Annual Report was released today for THEC’s Summer meeting.  The report reveals that for the first time, the UT System has a higher graduation rate for first-time freshman graduating with their lottery scholarships intact than all other higher education systems in the state (both public and private).

Over the past several years, lawmakers have sought to increase degree production in Tennessee.  One concern, however, has been increasing these outcomes without eroding the value of degrees themselves.

The results shown in THEC’s study indicate that for the UT System, it is possible to achieve greater outcomes without sacrificing academic rigor and degree quality.

The report also indicates that the UT System now leads in six-year graduation rates with or without the lottery scholarship intact for the 2004 cohort.

Be on the lookout for statewide news surrounding these figures.  To view the full THEC Lottery Report, click here.

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