Gun Legislation Senate Hearing Draws Near

Category: Gun Legislation

Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 142 (Ramsey R-Blountville) relative to handgun carry permits.  As written, the bill would allow handgun carry permit holders to transport and store firearms in their vehicles, provided such firearms and ammunition are stored out of sight and not otherwise in a location prohibited by federal law.

The legislation continues to be a major concern for private business, law enforcement, municipalities, educational institutions (both K-12 and college campuses), courthouses, and hospitals that wish to retain the right to determine such policies for their own property and facilities.  The legislation, as written, would prevent the University from establishing and enforcing its student and employee policies aimed at minimizing the presence of firearms on campus and in the workplace.

Higher education and law enforcement organizations have urged concern about the legislation and have requested that no action be taken to increase the presence of firearms on college campuses, either public or private.

The legislation will begin a highly contentious debate over handgun laws.  Advocates can watch the committee meeting live on Tuesday, February 4 at 3:30 PM CST.

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