Gun Bill Passes Senate, House Hearing Approaches

Category: Gun Legislation

The Senate passed SB 142 (Ramsey-R Blountville) on a 28-5 vote this evening.  The legislation allows gun carry permit holders to transport and store firearms in their personal vehicles provided such firearms and ammunition are stored out of sight and not in a location prohibited by federal law.

The Senate bill hinders the current ability of schools and colleges to set institutional weapons policies for students, employees, and visitors.  The University of Tennessee stands by its long held belief that the current law works for college campuses.  It permits those who need to carry weapons on campus, such as law enforcement, to do so.

The University is urging special consideration of safety on school grounds and college campuses as this legislation is taken up in the House. Schools and colleges are unique environments and such institutions must retain the ability to determine their own firearm policies affecting students, employees and visitors in the interest of public safety.

The companion bill, HB 118 (Faison R-Cosby), is scheduled for its first hearing in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee on Wednesday, February 13 at 3:00 PM CST.   Advocates can view the meeting live here. 

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