This Week In DC

Category: Federal Issues

The President will offer his State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress tonight at 9 pm ET. Live streaming and coverage of President Obama’s address will be featured on every major news outlet.

As the President enters his second term in office, his address will likely cover an array of domestic issues from immigration laws to looming legislative changes surrounding firearms. Following are a few areas to watch for throughout tonight’s address that impact higher education. We’ve also covered several general issues that will arise this year with the onset of President Obama’s second term in office.


While there are limited specific higher education issues that are likely to be addressed in the State of the Union speech tonight, there are several issues that will have varied impacts on institutions of higher education nationwide. One of the major domestic issues that will play a part in the President’s address is immigration reform.

Coming off the recent discussion of the fiscal cliff, the President is sure to mention the sequester—a series of automatic spending cuts that will soon take effect throughout the nation. These cuts will undoubtedly have consequences on the amount of federal spending on higher education, including federally funded research programs.

Federal gun legislation may also be addressed in tonight’s State of the Union.  The President recently signed 23 executive orders related to firearms, and mention of the President’s plan is sure to come up in tonight’s speech.

The President is also likely to address continued job creation throughout the country and the necessity for proper job training to ensure the maintenance of the American workforce.

While these domestic issues will likely take precedence in tonight’s State of the Union speech, international issues will also be discussed. With a host of foreign policy and national security concerns, the administration will likely address its initial foreign policy goals for Obama’s second term.

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