Legislation Granting For-Profit Schools Degree Equivalency Delayed (Until Next Year)

Category: State Issues

As of last week, legislation granting non-regionally accredited proprietary schools the authority to bypass existing quality control and consumer protection regulations and award academic degrees has officially been taken off notice in both the House and Senate.  The issue will now go to summer study in both Houses.

Although the House sponsor, Rep. Roger Kane (R-Knoxville), has expressed a willingness to work with public and private nonprofit higher education stakeholders on the issue, the Senate sponsor, Sen. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), has not.

Sen. Campfield has requested that the Senate summer study include only representatives of the for-profit school industry and Tennessee Higher Education Commission, excluding representation from the State’s regionally accredited public and nonprofit colleges and universities.

Advocates are encouraged to remain vigilant on this issue as it develops.

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