Get Registered: Primary Election Voter Registration Deadline Today

Category: Elections

We hope that UT Advocates will exercise their right to vote in the upcoming August 7 primary.  If you are not registered to vote, today marks an important deadline.  It is the deadline to register to vote in the August primary election.

Recent Tennessee primary election results only amplify the importance of your vote.  Some 2012 primary races were determined by 15, 11, even 5 votes.  Make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box by taking the time to register.  It only takes a moment.  Simply fill out this mail-in application for voter registration and mail it to your county election commission.  A voter registration card will be mailed to the address you’ve provided.  This card will tell you where to vote.

Mark your calendars now: Early voting begins on July 18 and runs until August 2.  Primary Election Day is August 7.