House Diversity Hearing Set for Next Wednesday

Category: State Issues

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In January, some members of the Knox County legislative delegation sent a formal request to House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) to create a formal joint hearing to investigate and hear testimony related to diversity activities and programs throughout Tennessee public higher education.

The hearing has been set for Wednesday, March 2 and will include both full House Education Committees—Administration and Planning, and Instruction and Programs.  Only Committee members will be able to present questions at the hearing.

The jurisdiction of the Committee is one of oversight—it will not hear legislation that has been filed on the topic this session.  Regardless, the hearing will be an important formal launch point for legislative discussions surrounding diversity issues and will provide the University with one of the few opportunities to present testimony on the important work undertaken daily by diversity programs at UT campuses and institutes.  This work includes, but is not limited to, activities aimed at improving enrollment and retention of students from various socioeconomic backgrounds, first-generation college students, veterans, and students from areas with lower college attendance rates, as well as at compliance efforts required by state and federal law.

Advocates are encouraged to view the hearing online on Wednesday at 8 am CST, or check the UT Advocacy Twitter feed for live updates.