Senate Education Committee to Conduct UT Budget Hearing on Wednesday

education committee

The Senate Education Committee will conduct UT’s budget hearing on Wednesday, March 1.  In recent years, UT’s budget hearings before this Senate Committee have been less focused on the budget proposal itself and more focused on issues facing the University that the Committee has deemed controversial.  UT will concentrate budget testimony on efforts underway to become more efficient, effective, and entrepreneurial in order to close a projected budget gap of $377 million over a decade and keep tuition increases low.  Attention also will be called to UT’s performance metrics, some of which are at all-time highs.


This will be the final year where the budget hearing format will involve only the two higher education systems (UT, TBR) and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), as all public four-year universities will have individual budget hearings beginning in 2018.