House Speaker Beth Harwell, Rep. Mark White Visit UTHSC

House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) and Representative Mark White (R-Memphis) visited the University of Tennessee Health Science Center yesterday to tour the campus, interact with students, and discuss the institution’s mission and multiple impacts on education, research, and outreach.  Also highlighted at the meeting was UTHSC’s substantial statewide economic impact. Some findings from UTHSC’s latest … Continued

Advocacy Events

Higher Education and the National Party Platforms

The excitement surrounding national political party conventions has been buzzing across the nation for months.  Recently approved at these conventions are national party platforms that address policy issues in a variety of areas.  These platforms, both lengthy documents, each mention higher education and some potential policy options.  For your information, excerpts relative to higher education … Continued

Federal Issues

48 Days

There are 48 days until early voting begins.  Are you registered to vote?  Do you know where your candidates stand on the issues?  The clock is ticking, but there is still time for you to register to vote and to learn about the candidates. In Tennessee, you must submit an application for voter registration at … Continued

Federal Issues

3 Things To Know This Week About Higher Ed

The Joint Government Operations Committee reviewed student conduct rules.  Lawmakers questioned the specifics of rules surrounding student possession of guns and knives on campus.  Tom Humphrey of the Knox News Sentinel has the story.   Or, watch it for yourself here. Governor Haslam hosted the seventh and final higher education roundtable this week at the University … Continued

Higher Education Funding