Sen. Becky Duncan Massey, Sen. Jim Summerville Tour UT

Sen. Becky Duncan Massey (R) Knoxville and Sen. Jim Summerville (R) Dickson were guests of UT President Joe DiPietro, UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and UT Institute of Agriculture Chancellor Larry Arrington for a tour on Wednesday and Thursday of UT Knoxville and Ag campus facilities. Oak Ridge National Laboratory officials helped host the senators … Continued

Advocacy Events

Legislators Conclude 107th Assembly

On Tuesday evening, members of the Tennessee General Assembly adjourned Sine Die ending the 107th Assembly of the Tennessee Legislature. Legislators will now focus their efforts on political fundraising, campaigning and getting to know newly drawn districts. This Session saw a number of benefits for public higher education: the first new capital projects in more … Continued

State Issues

Gun Legislation Update: Action Expected Week of April 23rd

The two significant pieces of gun legislation, SB 2992/HB 3559 and SB 3002/HB 3560, have made their way through the standing committee process and are now in a holding pattern before their respective House and Senate Calendar Committees. The two bills, written and lobbied by the NRA, represent a drastic departure from the current law … Continued

Gun Legislation

Media Coverage of Gun Legislation Anticipated

Today, the House Consumer and Employee Affairs Committee passed HB3559 and HB3560 out to the Calendar and Rules Committee, which places both bills in the same status with companion Senate bills. The ultimate fate of this legislation is yet to be determined. UT Chattanooga Chancellor Roger Brown represented higher education, speaking as part of a … Continued

Gun Legislation