What Will UT Advocate in 2014?

The 108th Tennessee General Assembly reconvenes for its second legislative session on January 14, 2014.  Lower than expected state revenue collections—a factor that will certainly weigh heavily on lawmakers as they consider a state budget—precede the upcoming session.  Year-to-date revenue collections are $171.1 million below budgeted estimates. This session also leads up to the 2014 … Continued

State Issues

President Obama Releases FY2014 Budget Proposal

President Obama released his proposed Fiscal Year 2014 budget Wednesday morning.  The budget proposal includes new investments in education, infrastructure, and research, along with the President’s proposals to alter Social Security, Medicare, and tax policy.  This budget proposal comes two months later than usual, largely a result of sequestration and an incomplete fiscal year 2013 … Continued

Federal Issues

Budget Update

Last week, Finance Commissioner Mark Emkes presented the Administration’s Budget amendment to the Senate and House Finance, Ways, and Means Committees.  The amendment provides The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service and The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture with a 2.5 percent increase (roughly $3 million) in recurring operational dollars.  These units were … Continued

Higher Education Funding

THEC Approves Higher Education Budget Recommendations

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) met today for their quarterly meeting where they approved the FY 2013-14 operating and capital budget recommendations to be submitted to the General Assembly and the Governor this coming year. The Governor’s hearing and subsequent approval by THEC represent the first steps in formulating the Governor’s budget proposal. The … Continued

Higher Education Funding