President Obama Unveils Free Community College Proposal

// Post by The White House. President Obama announced last night on social media his plan to make community college free for “everybody who is willing to work for it.”  The plan, named “America’s College Promise,” is largely inspired by the Tennessee Promise passed last session and proposed by Governor Bill Haslam.  The President will … Continued

Federal Issues

Tennessee Promise Scholarship Sails Through Senate

The Tennessee Promise Scholarship Act of 2014 passed the state Senate last night by a 30-1 vote. The Promise, a key component of Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55 Initiative, will be used to provide “last dollar” scholarship awards (after all other scholarships and financial aid are applied) towards the cost of tuition and fees for … Continued

State Issues

The Tennessee Promise Explained

With the adoption of the Complete College Tennessee Act (2010) and the recent roll out of Governor Bill Haslam’s Drive to 55 agenda, the landscape of higher education in Tennessee has shifted dramatically to a re-engineered throughput and credential driven enterprise. In order to maximize economic viability and to incentivize the growth of a new … Continued

State Issues