The “Tuition Transparency and Accountability Act,” SB1665 by Sen. Steven Dickerson (R-Nashville), was heard this week in the Senate Education Committee and passed unanimously to the Senate Calendar Committee. The UT Government Relations team worked with the sponsor and other public higher education institutions on an amendment that accomplishes the sponsor’s objective of providing … Continued


  The Haslam Administration’s UT FOCUS Act, which would restructure the UT Board of Trustees in an effort to operate more efficiently, took center stage this week in the House Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee.  The legislation is supported by the University of Tennessee and ultimately passed the Subcommittee unanimously and unchanged.  Debate is expected to … Continued


Gun Bill Passes Senate, House Hearing Approaches

The Senate passed SB 142 (Ramsey-R Blountville) on a 28-5 vote this evening.  The legislation allows gun carry permit holders to transport and store firearms in their personal vehicles provided such firearms and ammunition are stored out of sight and not in a location prohibited by federal law. The Senate bill hinders the current ability … Continued

Gun Legislation