Sen. Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville) has sent his “Tuition Stability Act” to the Senate’s General Subcommittee, and although he plans to pursue the issue again next year, he noted on Wednesday some flaws with his existing language and the difficulty he had getting his plan in a workable form.  The bill was never put on notice … Continued

Higher Education Funding

The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday unanimously voted to advance a bill that would freeze tuition at state colleges and universities until the 2018-19 school year.  After that point, the bill requires a unanimous vote by a university’s Board to raise tuition more than 2 percent over the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase. … Continued

State Issues

UT Board of Trustees Kicks Off Discussion on Multi-Year Initiative

Benchmarking, economic forecasts and hypothetical strategies to overcome declining state appropriations and make the University of Tennessee more effective, efficient and entrepreneurial was the subject of the UT Board of Trustees’ Wednesday workshop. UT President Joe DiPietro had set the stage for Wednesday’s discussion about funding at the trustees’ annual meeting in June. The board’s … Continued

Higher Education Funding