The UT Advocacy Story


In 2012, the University established the UT Advocacy Network to connect advocates to the legislative process and support UT priorities.



The UT Advocacy Network is a grassroots program that includes alumni, students, faculty and staff in every Tennessee county and across the nation. UT Advocates believe in the University’s value to all Tennesseans and share that message with elected officials.

We know our voices together can have an impact on Tennessee’s future.

Together, we speak. Together, we are heard.

We are grateful to our advocates because UT Advocacy could not exist without people who believe in the University’s mission to educate, discover and connect.


About this Site

We provide a behind-the-scenes look at political issues impacting UT via our website, action center, and social media accounts. These are excellent resources to help familiarize you with higher education issues and UT’s stance on those issues. Throughout the year, we will send breaking news and updates surrounding legislative activity. We’ll issue Advocacy Alerts during the legislative session through email and social media accounts. When advocates receive an advocacy alert, we ask that you contact your elected leaders and express your support for the University of Tennessee.