Governor Bill Lee delivered his first annual State of the State Address on Monday, March 4, outlining a $38.6 billion spending plan for the FY19-20 fiscal year that includes the largest single investment in the Rainy Day fund in the state’s history. The Governor highlighted his initiatives surrounding higher education, vocational and technical education, criminal … Continued

State Issues

Interim UT President Randy Boyd was invited to address the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, during the Committee’s first official meeting of the year.  Boyd provided the Committee with an overview of the University of Tennessee System and the positive impact occurring throughout the state.  Boyd also highlighted his six priorities and discussed the importance of the recently announced Transparent … Continued


In yesterday’s General Election, a total of 29 new members were elected to the Tennessee General Assembly in addition to 3 current House members that won their Senate bids. When the legislative session begins in January, the Tennessee General Assembly will not have seen such a change in membership in over 150 years. We invite … Continued